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Topsham, Maine (207) 373-1147
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Energy Efficiency

Custom Home Theater can help you conserve energy and save money throughout your house. Here are three ways to get started:

Energy MonitorEnergy Monitors

Put a detective on your energy usage and program your home to be more energy efficient. TED® home energy monitors allow you to view your real time electricity usage on everything from lighting, to HVAC, to appliances. We can even integrate a monitor in your whole-house control system. Clients who use these monitors report a typical 20 percent reduction in their electric bills.

Digital Amplifier
Digital Amplifiers

We offer a wide variety of digital amplifiers for those who wish to use less energy when listening to music. Digital amplifiers are typically made with fewer materials, generate less heat, and utilize far less energy. They can be incorporated in subwoofers or whole-house systems.

Smart Outlet Strips

Eliminate the phantom power drain of components on standby and cut your electric bill by as much as 20 percent with the latest generation of smart outlet strips. These strips will “condition” the power coming into your TV and other electronics, as well as offer surge protection. Best of all, they will turn off all standby power to help you save energy and money automatically.

Smart Outlet StripLook for the Energy Star label on appliances and TVs to be sure you’re buying the most energy-efficient model.



“I just wanted to thank you for your diligence, great service and for keeping things light during my upgrade process... sound is simply amazing, I could not be more pleased ...let me reiterate the sound is fantastic."
JC, Cumberland, Maine

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