Three Things you can do with Control4 you may not know

You probably know about the amazing functionality Control4 can bring to your home which makes it simple to control lighting, heating, cooling, media, audio which  truly adds luxury to your life.

Perhaps you are already a client with a recently installed system, and are looking to integrate a new theater into your system and want to take movie night to the next level.

Maybe you are building a building a new home and are looking forward to using your new system to lower your energy footprint.

No matter the case, the number of possibilities offered to you by Control4 is endless.

Here are a few things you may not know your Control4 system can do:



A nice little trick that solves most people’s most annoying problems and that is losing the TV remote.  They get stuck between cushions, left in random rooms.  Or when the two-year-old hide them under the couch!

Control4 can be set up so that there is no more rummaging down the between those sofa cushions or turning the entire house upside down just to find the remote.

We can program your system to connect your light switches to your home entertainment, and when you triple-tap the light switch, your remote will begin beeping, thus helping you to find it.

Another option is to install a third-party driver that allows you to visually select the remote you are trying to find from your phone or Cotnrol4 touchscreen.



Did you know that your Control4 system can be used to ward off potential intruders by creating the impression that somebody is home, even when you or no one else is home?

Programming your Control4 system to load up a pre-set lighting scene with randomized timing to turn on lights, TVs, and even play audio, you can create what we refer to as “simulated occupancy”, which replicates the way the house would look as if you were home.

This can either be set to load up automatically at a specific time), or can be triggered remotely for those occasions when you find yourself away from home for longer than you planned on.



Are you considering moving from a Do It Yourself solution to a professionally installed system like Control4? We can help assist you with your home automation needs.

Control4 has the more relationships with 3rd party companies than any other professionally installed Home Automation System.  How does benefit you? We can install Control4 for you, and you can keep your existing Philips Hue smart lights and Control4 can now be the “front end” and give you greater control over your existing system and can integrate Philips Hue into the rest of your system in ways you would have never thought possible.

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