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Our staff have years of industry experience and we have won multiple industry awards.  We design the theater you and your family have always dreamed of.  At Custom Home Theater Systems we pride ourselves in delivering well-balanced system designs that give the best possible experience to our clients, and with our ability to do custom woodworking, our craftsmen can assist in building the theater of your dreams.  From your first theater to the theater you have dreamed of for years we can help.

When thinking about a home theater today many people refer to their living room media system as their home theater, but a dedicated theater is generally defined as a dedicated room with the purpose of watching movies, shows, sports games, and playing video games with your loved ones.

Theater rooms include a combination of audio and video components designed to create the experience of seeing movies in a commercial theater.  Custom Home Theater Systems can help you create anything from a basic theater, to one that wins national awards, and everything in between.

One advantage of dedicating an entire room to this type of entertainment is that it allows you to tailor every piece of technology, furniture, and décor to enhance your visual, aural and aesthetic experience.

A traditional dedicated theater room will often include amenities such as:

  • Home Theater Projector
  • A fixed or motorized screen
  • Dolby and DTS Multi-Channel Audio with anywhere from five to eleven speakers
  • One or multiple subwoofers
  • A High end Surround Sound Receiver or Separate Audio and Video Processing and separate Amplification
  • Dedicated Home Theater Seating
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Room Designed based around your own theme
  • High-End paneling, finishes, and multilevel seating

We have even done spaces we like to call “Stealth Home Theater” where the room may function as a full-blown private theater, but may also be a shared space with a game room or bar. Take a minute to view our gallery of custom home theater designs we’ve created for our clients.

Stealth Theaters will often include:

  • Most of the accommodations of a traditional theater with all of the components concealed.
  • Recessed motorized Projection Screen in the ceiling or a cabinet or a Wall-mounted Art TV
  • Architectural speakers hidden ceiling and in-wall speakers and Sub-woofer hidden behind the drywall.

Popular home theater brands that we carry:  Sony, McIntosh, Integra, NAD, GoldenEar, Monitor Audio, JL Audio, TruAudio, PSB, Salamander Designs, AudioQuest, Transparent Audio, Metra, Middle Atlantic, ProControl, RTI, Triad, and Control4


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