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At Custom Home Theater we hand-pick our brands based on quality, performance, and reliability. We search high and low to bring you both the best valued and most prestigious lines in the industry. Rest assured that we’ve product tested every item we sell from cables to amplifiers to ensure that you receive the best possible experience from our ability to train you on the product to the projected longevity of the item. Click on any of the brands below to learn more, or talk to one of our service representatives for more information.



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custom home theater
Premiere Home Theater Seating

The importance of seating in your home cinema layout cannot be understated, and your seats play an important part in your enjoyment of the experience in the room. Ideally, the theater seats would be the right size for your given space, should accommodate the needs of your intended experience, and should not interfere with the […]

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Control4 Home Automation
Three Things you can do with Control4 you may not know

You probably know about the amazing functionality Control4 can bring to your home which makes it simple to control lighting, heating, cooling, media, audio which  truly adds luxury to your life. Perhaps you are already a client with a recently installed system, and are looking to integrate a new theater into your system and want […]

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GoldenEar Speakers

Goldenear Technologies has been able to pull off what seems to be the impossible.  To create a true balance of performance and price.  With industry veteran Sandy Gross and Don Givogue at the helm, Golenear  have true masters of speaker design behind them. For those of you not yet familiar with Goldenear’s designs, they mostly […]

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