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Goldenear Technologies has been able to pull off what seems to be the impossible.  To create a true balance of performance and price.  With industry veteran Sandy Gross and Don Givogue at the helm, Golenear  have true masters of speaker design behind them.

For those of you not yet familiar with Goldenear’s designs, they mostly center around powered full-range towers in the Triton line such as the Triton Three +, Trition Two +, Triton One R, and of course the Triton Reference, and smaller towers like the Triton Seven and Triton Five. All of which have won multiple awards for their price vs. performance at their respective price levels.  But their offerings include much more, such as:

  • Their on-wall Supersat satellite series which include the Supersat 3, Supersat 50, and the massive yet sleek Supersat 60.
  • Their architectural line of Invisa in-ceiling and In-wall speakers. The Invisa, 525, Invisa 600, Invisa 650, Invisa HTR 700, Invisa MPX, and the well known Invisa SPS
  • Their Center channel/LCR SuperCenter speakers. SuperCenter X, SuperCenter XL, SuperCenter XXL, and SuperCenter Reference
  • Their amazing passive SuperCinema soundbars. SuperCinema X and SuperCinemaXL
  • They also produce amazing Subwoofers in two lines the ForceField series. ForceField 3, ForceField 4 and ForceField 5 and SuperSub series: SuperSub X and the outstanding SuperSub XX
  • They do not stop there. GoldenEar have their Bookshelf speakers in the Aon line: Aon 2 and Aon 3, but the newly introduced ultra high-performance BRX are sure to make some waves amongst fans of stand mounters out there!


Here is what the audio industry has had to say about them:

The Absolute Sound

SuperSub X A finely tuned sub such as the SuperSub X goes beyond mere extension and actually rebalances a system along more musically authentic lines” and concluding “GoldenEar’s SuperSub X is a speaker of estimable extension, slam, and musical subtlety. The fact that it’s a bargain to boot only sweetens the deal.” 

Triton Reference “(The Triton Reference) offers a remarkable amount of transparency, life and soundstage detail along with some of the best integrated powered subwoofer performance I’ve heard…”.



Triton One.R “The One.R isn’t quite the revolution that the original One was. It’s more like evolution–small, incremental improvements that, on their own, might not seem that huge, but that when combined result in an entirely new animal”

Triton Two+ “It’s everything I love about the Triton One-the detail, the transparency, the depth of the soundstage and the dynamics-scaled down to a size that better fits my home and my lifestyle.”

We are an authorized Goldenear Dealer with speakers available on the showroom floor, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your audition.



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