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Unlike visiting a box store, even one with a ‘high-end’ audio/video department, engaging Custom Home Theater Systems and Automation in helping make your AV dreams a reality is a totally unique experience. We not only have years of experience in the field, but we also carry the world’s top brands and can manage the process of helping you from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if your project is simply selecting and installing a new TV or having us design, build and equip a million-dollar home theater room, we’ll take care of every aspect of the project for a worry-free top-of-the-line experience unmatched in our industry.

Step 1 is easy. Just use the easy form on this page, or call us to get the process started. We’ll learn about your needs in our initial call. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we’ll then schedule a follow-up meeting – usually at the site where we’ll be installing the equipment or building out a fully custom home theater room. At that meeting, we’ll start the process of turning your dreams into a reality. We’ll determine the right equipment and installation requirements that meet your budget. See a full list of the brands we represent here. Need some inspiration? Check out our projects and gear blog.

planning a custom AV project

step 2 to creating your own custom home theaterStep 2 involves our prep work. For small projects that simply means making sure all of the required equipment is ready to roll for your installation date. Large projects are a different story. If we’re constructing an entire room, the design phase is the time where we work with our own in-house designers and engineers to plan and design your system and space.

third step in the custom home theater design processStep 3 is the installation phase. For small jobs, this is typically a one or two day process. For larger jobs, this can take between weeks and in some extreme cases, months to complete our work. Regardless of the duration, your experience will be stress-free. Our installers/builders are full-time members of our crew, so you don’t need to manage your own contractors, a headache no one wants. Our contractors are our own employees who are adept at doing the things we do. They’re the most experienced in the field and insist on perfection for every job. Not only do we carry the best in home entertainment furniture lines, but we also have our own woodshop in Maine where our expert craftsmen create every custom piece we need to exacting standards.

our own woodworking shop in Maine

final step in custom home theater design and installationStep 4 will be your favorite for sure. After extensive testing and configuration of your new equipment, we’ll train you how to get the most out of your new system. Then it’s time for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy your favorite shows, sporting events, music and more. However, our service doesn’t end there. We’ll be standing by if you need support, have questions, or want to expand your system into other rooms in your home, or even your outdoor spaces! Enjoy!

friends enjoying football game on tv

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