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Enjoy Your Own Custom Home Theater in Northport, Maine.

Custom Home Theater, LLC is recognized at the national level as one of the best service providers for the design and installation of custom home theaters, home stereo systems, home automation with Control4, whole-house audio, and home networking. The dedication of our team members results in superb audio and home theater experiences for all of our customers, large and small.

It won’t matter if there are two feet of snow outside or we’re in the middle of a classic New England heatwave, you’ll be happily stuck indoors enjoying one of our meticulously designed home theater experiences. As New Englanders, we’re used to those crazy signs in the weather, but we’re also used to having the best: sports teams, medical care, and education. So, why not have the best home stereo and TV experience that fits within your budget? Not stuck indoors – no worries, we can take the premium audiovisual experience to your outdoor living spaces as well.

Whether you’re taking in a Bruins game, watching a horror movie with your significant other, enjoying a Disney classic with the kids, or streaming your latest binge favorite, we can optimize the perfect system for your viewing/listening needs. From helping you select a tv and sound system that fits your budget to designing and building out a fully customized, high-end theater room experience where the sky’s the limit, we have the experience to get it done right.

We’ll help you pair brands like Sony, NAD and Integra for your visual needs with McIntosh, Parasound, JL Audio, Naim, Bluesound, Sonus Faber, Monitor Audio or Totem speakers for a mind-blowing auditory experience that will enhance your movie viewing experience. Why stop there? We’re not only a dealer for the top AV furniture brandsSalamander Designs and Solidtech, but we also have our own woodshop and on-staff craftsmen to turn any home theater concept into a reality.

While fixing up your home or building a home theater room, why not automate it? With our knowledge of Control4, RTI, ProControl and Qmotion products we can integrate everything in your house into one sleek, fully functional control unit that’s always at your fingertips.

What are you waiting for? Use our Get Started form on this page, or call the number above to start making your home theater dreams a reality.

I was (operative word here is “was”) one of those people who had a fancy TV but did not know how to operate it. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, off, change the channel, etc because of the different remotes I needed to use. Not so anymore. Brian and his team are one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and courteous companies that I have had the pleasure of doing business with….and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for the most basic to the most elaborate AV experience. The other reason I am highly recommending them is the fact that Brian was able to “hide” all of our AV equipment in a cabinet near our TV instead of having it out on display which I found very unappealing. For years I had begged my husband to find a solution to put the equipment “away” from sight and he kept telling me it couldn’t be done because the remote wouldn’t be able to transmit through the cabinet doors. NOT SO! Brian fixed that problem….so now it’s a Happy Life for my husband because he has a Happy Wife…who doesn’t have to look at that unsightly mess and can now change the TV channel if she doesn’t like the program they are watching (maybe he isn’t so happy!)”

Nikki Davidson

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